Hermes Giveaway: May, 2024

Insta Growth+!! Hosted on Instagram with additional social media platforms as the Bonus (LTK, TikTok, YouTube, Threads, etc.) 2-3 million in sponsor followers!! Going live May, 2024.

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Over $500 off with Bundle Packages! 1K-5K Gains!

The Bundle Packages are highly recommended as they provide a massive discount on participation in the standard sized giveaway campaigns! Estimated Instagram growth varies from 1-5k dependent on the package chosen.

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BGB Celebrity Giveaways

Bringing you the best of the best in social media marketing. The BGB Celebrity Giveaways provide a strategic approach to growing on social media while giving back. Geared towards your ideal demographics and target audience.

Testimonials + reviews

I watch my USA% follower demographic increase on Instagram when working with you during the Celebrity Giveaways!

BGB Customer

Always a pleasure working with you and the Team at BGB! Looking forward to the next campaign!

BGB Customer

The retention tips I've received as a bonus with the Celebrity Giveaways are amazing! I'll have to try all of them next time!

BGB Customer


With access to thousands of influencers, creators, bloggers, and other talent, BGB brings a unique ability to pair brands with their target creators. Developing individual, highly targeted campaigns geared towards an increase in brand awareness, exposure, credibility, reach, and long-term sales.

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